CRO Houses

Your House in the Metaverse

The Highest Auto Reward & Upgradeable Collection on Cronos backed with tons of Utilities
Whitelist Mint Will Start Monday 23 May

What are CRO Houses?

CRO Houses are an upgradable collection of 3,333 high utility unique NFT's powered by Cronos Chain Owning a CRO House will allow farming all crypto assets in your bag & Earn $BRICK & display your NFTs Anyone can build the best CRO House within the metaverse and become the richest farmer.

CRO Houses CRO Houses CRO Houses CRO Houses CRO Houses CRO Houses CRO Houses CRO Houses CRO Houses CRO Houses

Your house in the Metaverse



Auto Reward System

  • All minters will get different amount of $BRICK reward in mint phase.
  • Pre-Sale participants would get $200 BRICK per 1 CRO House.
  • On Public-Sale, $BRICK reward amount will be decreased according to their minted order.
  • Previous minter will get more $BRICK reward than late minter.
  • Being ahead of others gives you more chances

Earn Passive Income

  • After mint, Every CRO House generates $BRICK Token daily
  • $BRICK would be used to increase the CRO House's level.
  • The higher level of CRO House, the more opportunities come in turn.
  • Stake your CRO House and Earn $BRICK, Upgrade your CRO House to the next level using $BRICK

Yield Farming

  • $BRICK Holders can farm their crypto assets throuh our highest yield farming protocol
  • Stake your any type of crypto assets and earn $BRICK on +400% APY farm
  • All farmers can join to the $1000 CRO event which is held per month.

Let The World See Your NFT's

  • Cro House NFT's with have 3D framing where you can visualize each section of your House
  • Cro Houses 3D framing wil be your own gallery

Virtual Reality

  • Our Goal is for you to be able to see your CroHouse using Virtual Reality on Mibile devices and VR devices


Our plans moving forward into 2022.

Phase 1

Development and website finished.
Community and Social Presence building.
Lots of Giveaways! Whitelist & Presale Allocation to active community members.
Mint of CRO Houses & $BRICK Auto Reward.

Phase 2

Start CRO House Staking.
Start Yield farming for $BRICK Holders
Event for holders and farmers per month.

Phase 3

BRICK Token ADS & Marketing
Yahoo Finance, Benzinga & Tech Bullion article submission
Twitter Influencer promos
Coinsniper, stocktwits, Coinhunters & Coinvote Ads
Dextool Trending
Weekly AMA’S on appropriate platform

Phase 4

$BRICK 10k Holders
List $BRICK on CG
List $BRICK on CMC
List $BRICK on Major exchange
Billboard & mainstream promotion tactics
Aggressive marketing on TG & Twitter
Celebrities & Influencer Shoutouts

Phase 5

Expand brand awareness and develop use case product
Show off your NFTs
AR Support
CRO Houses will adapt accordingly to market incentives and community requirements to further fuel and develop the project in order to go mainstream


1. Download Discord and set up a Discord account.
2. Visit Cro Houses website and click Join our Discord to be redirected to our Discord server.
3. Check the How To category in the Discord, there you can find tutorials to open up your MetaMask wallet.
4. Set up your MetaMask wallet and get your CRO ready for mint day!
5. Once mint day arrives, check our website to find the link to the minting page.

There will be 3,333 Meta CRO Houses available to mint.

You will be able to mint your CRO Houses on our website. A tutorial will be present under the how to category on Discord.

500 Users Will get a spot on the whitelist

Reward $BRICK amount will be reduced according to minted CRO Housed amount
The first minter would get 200 $BRICK
The last minter would get 50 $BRICK

After mint, $BRICK will be transfered to your wallet automatically. you can check your $BRICK balance in your wallet.

1 $BRICK = 1 CRO

Normally, owners can upgrade their CRO House once per 2 months
Your wallet must have $BRICK Balance which is needed for the next level

Each level will be ask different amount of $BRICK.
After upgrade level, $BRICK will be burned.

There would be 12 Levels of CRO House.

Once you mint your CRO House, all you will be able to view them on

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